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Worst experience ever!!!! The manager of GNC 01412 Pine Ridge Square in Coral Springs is the Most disrespectful person in a management position I ever encountered in my entire life. He is rude and scrim at me over the phone because I went to retun something I bought and it wasn't good for me, I had my receipt and in the date. First the AM told me they didn't have money on the register so she could not return my money back. Ask me to come back... Read more

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This Company sort of appears to have a good assortment of product and perhaps a good quality, certainly the staff at at least one of the outlets was knowledgeable and helpful, the promotions however are contradictory, full of Hype and really don't amount to beans, but if U don't play along with them, it cost U an extra 20-35% to shop there, you get Daily eMails with Coupons which sometimes expire TODAY for normal goods and if U don't go down... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896478

Terrible customer service, and they over charged! They had no desire to resolve the issue and would not give me my money back. Never going to another gnc again.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 02
  • #892952

I visit madera ca location ! They are very expensive And very bad customer service !

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I paid $130.00 for a product that didn't work !! When I returned it they only wanted to give me $45.00 !! Saying that's the highest amount they can give me back. Because it was sold for $45.00 at another GNC store somewhere in the USA. I told him ya'll ripping people off then. Read more

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I went to a GNC at the mall and the prices were just insane. I did purchase some things from the store and then checked online to see if they had it cheaper. Turns out, they did. I paid $43 for one tub of protein and online I got 2 tubs for only $40! The manager was the one who sold me the stuff and I will never go back to that store. I returned everything I got from the store and saved over $86 by buying it online. RIP OFF!!!! I honestly can't... Read more

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the store at tri city 5355 is horrific the store manger reeks of alcohol as my family being all medical and medical friends and patients we feel it's disrespectful inappropriate and just horrible. He had no teeth for 6 months always complains and tries to push stuff on you, he follows people around reeking of either alcohol or horrible breath ive had to hold mine just speaking with him. Very pushy, very rude i will no longer return there as... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 14
  • #865578

I went into a gnc over the weekend and they had no air conditioning! One of the hottest weeks of the year! How those poor people put up without air is crazy. The employee said they were waiting on approval from home office. Why would a company so big make their employees suffer like that i wonder. I had to leave and i won't be shopping at gnc again. I bet their home office has air conditioning.

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They price things up way ovet markey price and putt 50% off super sale ect But in realety they are still more expensive Fake sales ex way golden standard protin 220 sgd is ther oroginal price but they always have a 50% sale on it or more for ower 3 years now just a big ripp off in a normal gym stor the staff actully go to the gym in sg it,s runn by malay ladys whit no real traning knowlege dont trust them Read more

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I walked into a GNC Store in Westroad Mall in Omaha, I believe it was the Store Manager, Rick that attended me. This man! I swear I don't know how he has this position. I am a female, don't know anything about the products they sell there, I just wanted to get some medicine for eye health. But this man, I would ask him questions and he would just ignore me. I have never felt disrespected from anyone else. Needless to say, I bought the product,... Read more

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