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  • 1 hour ago
  • Diets and Training
  • Mcallen, Texas
  • 2

I have recently got into self improvement and fitness. I purchased the Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 because I believed it's what suited me best, along with the sales person. Well I got home, broke the seal and went for my first scoop and was disgustingly surprised by handful of hard shells. Not sure what type of nut shells these were but I know I didn't spend $60 for shells... Read more

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  • Aug 12
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Makati, Manila
  • Ineffective Product
  • 37

I just bought Whey o Bolic 60 amplified protein yesterday here at GnC Rockwell Philippines. I feel this product has no effect on me. To the fact that I'm using the same product back in the USA for almost 6 months now. I know exactly what to expect and it does to me. But this stuff, I felt nothing! I even take it as pre and post workout but no effect. Is this a fake one? I ask them and they said... Read more

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  • Aug 07
  • Health and Beauty
  • Allen, Texas
  • Ear Candles
  • 1
  • 19

I had a great experience! We came to the Allen location to get some ear candles and they were completely sold out! Dustin helped us as soon as we walked in the door and he also called another store to see if they had what we needed, he called the McKinney store and they had some. So we drove to McKinney and Jeff helped us, and he also gave us a discount for our troubles! I was absolutely amazed... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Moody Employee
  • 40

Every time i go into the GNC store there , i see the same guy (juice pig aka steroid head) with the same pissed off look on his face. I cant give his name since know one wears name tags there. I can see he has a tattoo (under his shirt) on his upper left chest , hes an a**hole plain and simple. He never says hi, never smiles and never seems happy to help you. F88k him and f88k gnc, I'm NEVER... Read more

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  • Aug 02
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Health Products
  • 36

When you deal with mail health products there has to be a generous return policy. 30 days is not good enough to have product mailed and tried. I received my shipment within two weeks than neglected to open it until the next week; tried the product for a week started getting headaches so I stopped taking them for a week; headaches went away. I tried taking them again the next week only to get the... Read more

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  • Jul 28
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Quest Bars
  • 2
  • 87

I went into GNC today to buy the quest bars in bulk. I showed the woman a coupon for $10 off $20 purchase and she told me that I could use it on my purchase. After picking out the bars she gave me a total of 35.88 then after I showed her the coupon the price went up to 47. After waiting around for 15 mins she finally told me that I could not use the coupon and that she's "not willing to lose... Read more

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  • Jul 10
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Work Atmosphere
  • 2
  • 106

Here's what to expect if you work for GNC. You must meet every sales goal that includes *** contests like the codfather (selling fish oil). This is extremely stressful because it is nearly impossible to meet all goals everyday. You have to push certain products and sometimes push customers away because they went to buy a product that is going to hurt your sales. Ex) someone who wants just a... Read more

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  • Jul 09
  • Health and Beauty
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2
  • 107

I was looking for Braggs Organic Apple Cider vinegar so I decided to go to GNC. It was my first time and my last time visiting a GNC store. I was pleasantly greeted by a gentleman who asked me if i was looking for anything in particular. Once I told him about the vinegar, his whole tone changed. He might as well just laughed in face while told me that all it was good for was indigestion (in a... Read more

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  • Jun 30
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • High Prices
  • 3
  • 43

GNC is the biggest joke of a store. Over priced, poor selection, and the GNC line is equivalent to dog *** in a bottle. Won't spend a penny there. Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Drug Stores and Drugs
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Vitamins
  • 1
  • 76

I bought some mens pack of vitamins the lady assured me no hassle I took vitamins for a week and everyday I was sick to my stomach twice I threw up. So I take vitamins back along with gnc membership and yes in fact they did return vitamins but would not refund an unused membership card. When I asked why she says for next time I would get savings. I assure her I would never come... Read more

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