I am new to GNC and my very first experience turned out to be a poor I spent $147.00 dollars on supplements in the last week. when I tried to return on the sales lady said I wasn't entitled to the full refund but she couldn't explain why.

The sales lady call customer service and they said I was recieved an extra $19.00 on another product that made me ineligble of the full refund on that product. The sales lady told them that I didn't recieve a discount on the product which was a product that I hadn;'t intended on buying but she sold it me like a salesman is supposed to do. Anyway my gym parnter already had this and didn't like so I wanted to esxchange of another product which of course was mosre expensive. Long story short GNC owes me $19.00 I would like to recieve this in any manner I can get samples, coupons, etc.

I spend alot of money on supplements and I want to go to a place to see a person face to face but I will not spend anymore money with GNC and I will let everyone know and show them the ticket on how I was treated and taken for a ride on my money. It seems to me that GNC has good products, location, knowledge salespeople just poor service on the other end. Also the manager was in the building listening to the whole conversation and he never helped at all it was like he knew what was going on but didn't want to help. I won't shop here anymore the prices where higher than online to recieve such poor after the sale service.

Please make me a believer in GNC. Longview Texas

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