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I went to return a product I dislike and the OWNER behind the counter said he could not return it because it was missing the wrapping. I had the product for two weeks and was giving me horrible anxiety due to the stimulants. I had a receipt and the jug it originally came in. He told me to take it to the store where I bought it! Well I did and they returned it with no hassle as indicated in their return policy.

Bottom line, do not buy anything from Caladesi store cause if you do and you do not like the product, he will not return it. I did report him to corporate. They apologized and corrected everything. Too bad he lost my business because the store is right around the corner from my house. I will know be traveling a few extra miles to the Countryside store. A little less convenient, but that is ok.

The lady at the countryside store said sh has been getting a lot of his business because of this.

Stay Away!

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