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One Wednesday, I brought some supplements for my sister at GNC store. GNC staff convinced me to get GNC PRO membership.

I first refused but he kept saying all good things with 100% satisfaction guarantee. I finally agreed and paid $39.99 for GNC PRO. I was told that I would get an confirmation email with an instruction how to activate within 24 hours. But the email never came.

I called customer service on Saturday and was told that the membership department was closed during weekends. I stopped by the store. The Saturday staff told me that he could not refund it at store but I would get money back after talk with the customer service. The nice staff helped me made several calls.

He confirmed that he just requested a refund and I would get my money back. Someone would call me on Monday. Monday afternoon, I called the customer service again because I didn't hear form GNC. GNC customer service said it's not refundable and he could not authorize the refund.

I argued that GNC never deliver the membership. I don't activate it. I don't get any benefits from the GNC PRO. The Saturday staff said that I would get full refund.

I asked him to make a request from the person who has the authorization. He finally admitted that he could try but normally it would not work. I told him that I would call my credit card and dispute the $39.99 membership. GNC customer service contacted me back after I called my credit card.

He said that his boss just authorized the refund. He instructed me to go to the store and the staff there would do the refund and I should do it today. I went to GNC store and met a very RUDE staff on Monday. He processed the refund.

I just checked with my credit card but no refund shows up so far. Hopefully, it will go through in couple days. What is a ridiculous process! Thanks god my house is so closed to GNC store.

But I will not go back again. Do NOT buy GNC PRO access membership.

Review about: Gnc Pro Access Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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This happened to me in April 2018 as well. Seems these GNC stores are scammy.


My son went to gnc and he was convinced to buy the gnc pro Access. I made several calls because the pro access is not linked to the account.

They’ve been working on it for three weeks. I paid for it and there is not access to it!!! It seems more like a *** to me!

Not a happy customer!! I’ll be asking for a refund!!


Yes, this is an old complaint but I wanted to offer some help. I work at GNC and to see this was the experience you had, it’s concerning.Call the PRO Insider Line at 866-214-2469 and let them know what happened.

They will be more than happy to offer help and shoot you over some free stuff.You can very easily shop elsewhere and we want every single customer to know how much we appreciate their business, we never want you to go unhappy with your experience.Give them a call and give us another shot. We’re always working to improve and I truly believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the PRO Access membership is once we are able to get your account squared away.Best,Daniel


You obviously didn’t understand what you get from the pro access! I got mine and they set up my account in the store.

I got to pick my probox in the store as well. When I wanted to use my personal sales day the associate made a quick call to the insider line to get my coupon code. It took no more then 3 minutes to do this.

I spent around $150 and got $20 off my next purchase because the protein I got was already x2 points so combined with my x3 personal sales day I got x5 points on my protein alone. If you would have given the program a chance instead of getting pissed about not getting an email you would be saving so much and getting so much back for being a customer!


I don't understand why you signed up then canceled. If you didn't want it, you could have said no. The article doesn't give me reasons not to sign up.


You sound like a little *** boy

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