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One Wednesday, I brought some supplements for my sister at GNC store.GNC staff convinced me to get GNC PRO membership.

I first refused but he kept saying all good things with 100% satisfaction guarantee. I finally agreed and paid $39.99 for GNC PRO. I was told that I would get an confirmation email with an instruction how to activate within 24 hours. But the email never came.

I called customer service on Saturday and was told that the membership department was closed during weekends. I stopped by the store. The Saturday staff told me that he could not refund it at store but I would get money back after talk with the customer service. The nice staff helped me made several calls.

He confirmed that he just requested a refund and I would get my money back. Someone would call me on Monday. Monday afternoon, I called the customer service again because I didn't hear form GNC. GNC customer service said it's not refundable and he could not authorize the refund.

I argued that GNC never deliver the membership. I don't activate it. I don't get any benefits from the GNC PRO. The Saturday staff said that I would get full refund.

I asked him to make a request from the person who has the authorization. He finally admitted that he could try but normally it would not work. I told him that I would call my credit card and dispute the $39.99 membership. GNC customer service contacted me back after I called my credit card.

He said that his boss just authorized the refund. He instructed me to go to the store and the staff there would do the refund and I should do it today. I went to GNC store and met a very RUDE staff on Monday. He processed the refund.

I just checked with my credit card but no refund shows up so far. Hopefully, it will go through in couple days. What is a ridiculous process! Thanks god my house is so closed to GNC store.

But I will not go back again.Do NOT buy GNC PRO access membership.

Review about: Gnc Pro Access Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I don't understand why you signed up then canceled. If you didn't want it, you could have said no. The article doesn't give me reasons not to sign up.


You sound like a little *** boy

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