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Do not listen to GNC employees.They will sell you vitamins and fat burners you don’t need, and the fat burners they sell are not good for you.

i ask for something... they didn’t have it… so the sales man sold me caffeine pills... be aware.. I lost over a hundred dollars on ***!

Do not listen to them. All they want is your money…. No ethics’! I could not even give the stuff I bought away because I have no idea if they even work and I know they are harmful.

Do your research and do not believe them, do your home work!

Monetary Loss: $100.


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GNC employees just do what they're told.By the way, their pitch to those vitamins are because they're required to ask everybody who comes in there what multivitamin they take.

Now as far as those fat burners go, none of them are all that effective. Even the stuff at Vitamin Shop is ineffective in this.

If you want something that works, get dinitrophenol.Professional bodybuilders use it sometimes to help them shed fat.


Better Idea than ignoring the company completely. First question to ask the GNC you are visiting. "Are you a corporate or franchise location?"

Corporate have to sell as many Wheybolics and Multi's as possible and make bank on commissioned products. I tune them out.

Franchise can sell what they want to sell as a result tend to be less pushy. If the employee is interested in health they will hopefully know a lot about products


I buy the prework out all the time it worx great and I do agree with the multivitamins are vital especially if u train hard it replenishes all nutriens loss through sweat


I've dropped 20lbs and am down to 9% body fat using thermogenics.

Also, multivitamins are a good idea because, lets face it people, next to no-one gets all the required vitamin intake these days.

Finally, DON'T BUY ANYTHING YOU DIDN'T RESEARCH!!! This is common sense!


Caffeine bosts your metabolism and is only really harmful if you consume too much or have a prior condition.ALWAYS consult your physician before trying any new product.

What's so harmful about vitamins?If you take the recommended dosage, it's beneficial.


You do know that since Ephedra was done away with everything is basically a caffeine pill...You are the one who bought the "fat burner" even though the only way to lose fat is by burning more calories than you consume. Anything with caffeine strips nutrients from your system he kinda helped you out with the multivitamin.

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