Ive been a gnc employee for about a year now and the entire experience has had its ups and downs. To get to the point, I would never really recommend working for the company. Many people believe the job is a clerk job while it is really a sales job. While the "numbers" are fairly easy to make and the pay is decent after commission is made, its really a waste of time to try and work as an employee. In the particular area Ive worked in, my store manager was probably the coolest guy Ive met, while the SSM has been a complete ***. Once you start getting higher up in the ranks, all the upper management cares about is making the numbers even better. This poses a few problems: 1. the more GNC brand products you sell, the less commission you make, therefore the lower your paycheck, 2. you have to lie to more customers and sell them away from products they intended to come in for in the first place, 3. if you dont make these raised numbers, the management will constantly harp on you and threaten your job until you comply.

Its also funny how the SSM's will take the busiest and easiest store in the immediate area. These stores are always easy to sell at and the amount of commission made is huge compared to slower stores. Then the SSM will constantly dog you for not making the same numbers they are making even when you work at a crappy store (right next to a gym where single bar and drink sales destroy your percentages, and also its one of the poorest and ghetto parts of town). Secret shops are ridiculous as how you will learn to only pay attention to responsive customers that you know you can make a good sale on, and when you ignore the secret shopper (they usually buy something crappy and small) and dont suggest them other things to waste your time, you will fail and get written up.

Apparently the GNC pledge is to commit to customer health and help them reach their goals. This couldnt be further from the truth seeing as how many of the P3 products are complete garbage, a multivitamin has never been proven in any scientific study to aid anyone unless they have an eating disorder, and also doesnt take into account the budgets of customers. Many of the sales associates will eventually learn to refuse returns on anything that will destroy their numbers, including the management. The SSM's usually dont set any kind of good example since most will only care about how high their numbers and commission are.

Also, there are way more difficult customers than many other retail stores. You will get the ignorant know it all customers who wont listen to your advice and act like their street knowledge beats someone in college for nutrition and chemistry, you will also get the customers asking you every question under the sun, yet will never believe anything you tell them; you will get the customers returning products without a receipt (which cant be done unless its a GNC brand and the register will deduct a huge amount of the original value) that will proceed to cuss you out and demand every manager and customer service line; you will get many people who will act like you dont know anything about your job regardless of your time there and will proceed to insult your intelligence to your face; and the list goes on.

GNC also frequently sends out letters and commitments where you must sign your name to pledge that you wont talk badly about any product (kind of hard to do in a sales job where only 10% of the store counts towards anything). Corporate also gives written material to the employees saying that its okay to sell the crappy products that dont count for anything, yet destroy your *** if you dont meet their standards. Many of the training modules about the products are based on out dated science and also their own studies (which 99% of them are flawed anyway). You arent allowed to even bring in truth about products and tell people things dont work at all or that they dont work according to what the label claims.

Basically, this job is a job, but dont work here if you actually know anything about nutrition and supplement science or you will be extremely disappointed.

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We are investigating GNC and their employment practices. If sometime over the past three years you worked for GNC and if you are currently an ex-employee of GNC, we would like to talk to you about your experiences working for them. If you are interested in talking with us, please email me at saramyles85@yahoo.com and give me your name, phone number and best time to call


100 percent accurate statement!!!!!!!!!


We are Class Action Law Firm representing current and former employees of GNC who were not properly compensated under the applicable wage laws of the United States and several states.

Although litigation is currently under way we are looking for more individuals willing to participate. If you are an employee or former employee who believes that you were not properly compensated and wants more information or to get involved, please contact us immediately at gncclassaction@gmail.com.

Your contact with our firm will remain confidential. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your experiences working for G.N.C


Typical! And think of everyone that has lost their job due to this! CLASS ACTION just waiting, but they run a big company like a small business or a military general without integrity ...wanna be...


The training is minimal..only enough to teach the employees how to sell what GNC wants us to sell. I believe its sad that corporate obsesses over the numbers, yet chooses to sell so many products that count for practically nothing (all the herbs and so many more products).

But also the same problem occurs on the end of the customers when too many people take things that do absolutely nothing and occasionally the employee may try to steer them in the right direction, but it depends on the constant types of customers coming into the store.

BRB having worked for GNC for a year, having 5 years in nutrition/supplement experience, and aqcuiring a degree in nutrition with a minor in chemistry yet the customer still "knows" more.


I won't shop at a GNC....ever again....even when they send me the $10.00 off a $10.00 purchase. Why?

I went into the store looking to purchase Pau D'arco. Sales person in the store had no idea what I was talking about or what it was and proceeded to try and sell me some body building supplements which was in no way shape or form even related to Pau D'arco.

Stay away from GNC....The Vitamin Shoppe has my business now.

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