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I work there and they will lie to customers to cover there a**es. They cut my hours when I refused to lie to my customers.

I do have ethics you know. I would never lie and have the possibility of harming someone by selling a wrong product for the stores gain.

Guess what? Numbers are more important than the customer according to GNC. We have to sell multivitamins on every sale!

If we cannot sell certain items or meet point goals, we get fired! Yes, I said fired!

They harass me daily and do not give me the time to learn the products.

The manager just sold a customer multivitamins for excess water weight in his body. What?! Then griped at me for not doing the same.

Stay away from them if you want to stay healthy.

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maybe your just ***


I don't need advice from the GNC amateurs because I know their game. It got so bad, now I just won't shop there ever again.


As a former customer, its like this....Today the Vitamin Shoppe is what GNC once was.GNC once carried a large variety of popular brand vitamins and growth supplements with decent prices, but not so much these days.

I recently visited a GNC after spending years shopping elsewhere, and was very disturbed at what I found. I decided to try a brand of Garcinia Cambogia that one of there salesmen suggested. I almost had a cow when he tried to charge me almost $100.00 for the bottle. Face it, no store supplement is that valuable!

It was no surprise too me that the store had no customers.

Today GNC has become a corporate greedy business for sure.DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM!


I was a store manager for four years, worked directly under my RSD and had the privilege of dealing with Stu as my DSD.Uhhh, that was the worst, most unethical job I've ever had.

I was treated like horse ***, the number pushing is very real in corporate stores and the customer needs do not matter to corporate. They cut commissions when I was there, cut clerical hours, and began to sell that premium product ***. There is NOTHING premium about GNC synthetic, *** vitamins. That took away our 3rd party sales (where the commission was) and made us sell *** products, which caused high returns and pissed customers off.

They wanted that done because it costs nothing to make GNC brand....they wanted that margin.It is never about the customers unless you work for a franchise or your manager lets you squeak by with your morals until they are forced to fire you.


I've been at GNC for nearly two years and it's really not so bad.Yeah, if you don't make certain goals, you're let go.

But it's not that fast. Your RSD will put you on an action plan, usually written by your own manager. This plan says very little about sales, but effort and education. There is PLENTY of time to learn about products and there benefits-between the little class units, mailers, and workbooks there are a lot of materials available!

Also-I know for a fact that my manager would log out, change out of uniform, and whoop my butt up and down the parking lot if I ever lied, cheated, or took advantage of a customer.

Maybe you're missing what the policies are changing to or maybe your region needs a bit of an overhaul, because this isn't the right way to sell and our region-though driving and full spectrum, is ALWAYS talking about selling the customer what they want, asking questions, and explaining to them what they may need. I've never been in trouble for not selling certain products to people that don't need them.

Sidenote: Your sales performance is NOT the only thing that is taken into account for raises and you are NOT stuck at minimum wage.

Yes, it's a demanding job.If you throw your heart into it, though, it's completely worthwhile.

to Anonymous #815809

What a fake.Must be a GNC DRONE who wrote that!!!!, I worked there for almost 5 years,won nationwide contests and travelled speaking and training across the east coast.

They say all that *** about proper sales training, sell costumers what they want on calls. Etc. But The BOTTM LINE was you need to sell their fake synthetic multivitamins, $ 25 bags of candy samples called OMS, OVERPRICED PROTEIN. and more or they would find a way to fire you.

Had one guy bring back $1300 worth of stuff wife bought that KILLED HER! Woke up and thought she was asleep. She was like 51 I think. I will never forget how they tried to made me act to her husband as I had to face him on the return.

Some of the most evil, calloused, people I ever met work for corporate GNC. So focused on selling to meet pressured goals,often amateur street people sell Things there having no clue about,interactions with their own products, prescriptions, and sometimes just LIE TO MAKE COMMISSION. Don't ever buy from their unless last option.Some nice people, but all really just trying to make commish, often without any regard for your long term health.

I was one of them,to my own shame.Nothing has changed, still have friends that work there.


Got terminated because I consumed a drink before paying for it. I was a top 10 ranking employee too. Oh wells.

to Anonymous #783174

Lol, how can you be upset for getting fired when you stole something?

Tucker, Georgia, United States #684908

Was that a corporate store or franchise? I work for a franchise and they encourage me to be honest and sell what i believe in

Houston, Texas, United States #679532

The whole company is about the customer, did I miss that what you are saying you don’t like to offer to people is a multivitamin?How can they NOT be for their customers when the whole store is aimed to make you healthy and fit?

It sounds like your store didn’t know how to allocate their hours. That is a manager issue not a GNC issue. Every region gets a certain amount of hours for all of the stores in that region.

If one store has more employees than another obviously you will get less hours, it doesn’t matter how many hours you want, the total hours per store are for the month.Talk to your RSD or SSM before you complain on a public website and think they are picking on you for not doing what we all do everyday, meet our sales goals by helping customers get healthy.

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