Recently, I purchased Xtend Go BCAA's from my local GNC store in Alexandria Va. on Duke Street. The day of the purchase representative Scott Watkins was very helpful in advising me of my purchase. Unfortunately he failed to disclose that the product that he suggested was better than Amino X, had a high caffeine intake. After using Xtend I instantly started to experience a migraine headache and couldn't return to my normal work. I was so exhausted and fatigue that I couldn't get myself together to go to work so I called in sick.

I tried to return the product to the same location; I was told by Scott the same representative that advised the product that he couldn't accept a return or exchange of the product. So I went ahead and purchased the other product, Amino X. I am filing this complaint because your GNC sales representative didn't honor the policy on the reverse side of the receipt. I am upset more at myself than anything from taking advice from someone that only was trying to make a sell.

If you're going to suggest something, ask questions on what an individual can consume verse you assuming that everyone is the same. Caffeine makes my nerves very unstable. I wouldn't suggest a product to someone not knowing if they will have an adverse reaction to the suggested product. GNC has cost me around $145 dollars this month and I can't use the product suggested by GNC sales representative. (My purchases include the following: fish oil, GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Creatine 189, Xtend Go Bcaa's Mango flavor, the GNC membership of $15.00 and the most recent purchase of Amino X)

Thanks for nothing GNC. Your most recent dissatisfied customer and client.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gnc Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

GNC Cons: Customer service.

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

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I was a GNC manager in another lifetime and if people knew the mark-up on products, they wouldn't shop there. Having said that, it was your job to tell the salesperson about any adverse reactions you may have to certain ingredients. It is your job to look after yourself.


its your job to disclose that. Not theirs. Whiney ***

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