I am writing this regarding my hair loss because of Women Biotin Shampoo available in India.

5-6 months back I went to your store to buy Triple Cod liver oil where one of your store representatives kind of forced me for Women Biotin Shampoo. I got convinced as he told me so many benefits. Secondly, I thought if you are selling a Shampoo at Rs.1049 price compare to any other shampoo which cost 100-300 bucks, it should be good.

But adversely it caused me great emotional distress as I have lost my hair and there are small patches of baldness.

When I start using it I lost lot of hair, but I have been told initially weak hair falls and new hair grows to replace.

After a month my hairdresser told me about these patches and I stopped using it and rush to the store. They were willing to provide me the refund, but I wasn't interested in it. I want my hair back.

I have been also been to gynecologist as the store person suggests me to have check-ups. All tests have been done including Thyroid, iron, testosterone, ultrasound of pelvis, and everything is normal.

My dermatologist provides me Essvital tablets and Folica hair tincture. It stopped my hair fall but unable to grow my hair back. It has been 5 months since I last used this shampoo and lost my hair, and I have been under treatment, but no sign of new hair.

I have also forwarded my e-mail with photographs of patches to contact@guardianlifecare.com

almost a months back and also submitted the complain for in store 4-5 months back but no one ever responded.

This is a great emotional distress for me. I need you to take proper action.

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Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #1230700

100% pure jamaican black castor oil. It is medicine for the hair and scalo Leave it in 30 minutes, then rinse it out. Use a sulfate free gel like shampoo, Neutrogena, Garnier, coconut shampoo and conditioner is great.

South Burlington, Vermont, United States #1223469

Maybe you had a bad reaction. But the thing is, if i noticed my hair falling out after using it, I WOULD HAVE STOPPED USING IT!

Seems to me you were already losing hair. That's obviously why you bought it. That is what biotin is used for.

And sorry but someone forced you to buy it and forced you to continue using it and it caused all your hair to fall out? You are being ridiculous.


Frankly this condition seems like you are suffering from pseudopelade. Is best to do a scalp biopsy to confirm it.


Shampoo and conditioner doesn't cause your hair to fall out n patches.

to nene #828873

I have to agree with you. Besides, ive noticed that some women of Indian decent tend to experience hair loss more so than any other race.

to nene #828876

My point being is that it could be her diet

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