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Gave my dog 3 wafers (she was 83#) of GNC calming tablets.In an hour she dropped dead on the floor.

She had been running and playing in the yard before that. She had hypothyroidism most of her life and was well treated with Soloxine tablets. I called GNC Safety and Customer Service and they told me "They don't test their products against any medications for adverse reactions or underlying conditions such as hypothyroidism. Why then is there no CAUTION or WARNING label on this product at least telling customers that they don't test so they can call their vets.

Natural?I would re-label "Dog-Killing Tablets." If their attitude was at all sympathetic (they won't even refund my money), I could at least have a shot at healing instead of crying.

Monetary Loss: $2000.


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You can't assume it was the tablets and blame the company without proof. Your dog already had health issues. You should be sure before making public accusations.

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1218180

I'm reading this post and no where does it say she called her vet first. It states that she feels GNC should have stayed that they do not test these against meds for interaction so that people can call their vets. I'm sorry for her loss, but just like with human over the counter products if you are on prescription meds you should always call your doctor (vet) before taking them.

Pahrump, Nevada, United States #1200638

How can people be so cruel to this person???They clearly said they consulted their vet first and the vet said it was fine.

Shame on you terrible people saying they killed their dog.

Clearly you can't read!

I am so sorry for your loss!!

May your baby rest peacefully in doggy heaven.

to Anonymous #1342515

I beg to differ.It says in letter she called GNC hot line not her vet.

You should never mix meds of any kind without consulting your dr. or vet.

I am sorry for her terrible loss.I would feel awful had this been my family pet but a simple phone call may have saved his life.


I am so sorry for your loss and for the rude and hateful comments I see people have posted on here.It is a shame that there are no standards of testing for things that involve our pets.

There are so many things that are made for animals that are really very dangerous.

I learned the hard way to never give anything by Hartz to a dog.It cost me over $1,000 in vet bills.

to Anonymous #1113885

These people lost their baby!!Yes, their baby.

They're entitled to have their pet as their baby!!- Gnc could have atleast showed this family some love for their loss..I'm sick of non-animal lovers, not caring for people "whom do" love their animals. I have 3, four legged babies! And believe me, If mine drops dead behind something, & I can find out about it, I'll probably end up in jail!! :-) Listen, God said "there will always be poor in OUR land".

And HE commands us to take care of the poor in OUR land. This TOO means HIS other creatures, CREATIONS that HE made. The animals are our brethren, please take care of them. I'm sooo sorry my sister for your loss dear.

Just know that God will hold the person responsible for doing this to your baby.Keep your eyes on God.


Wow...you people are heartless.

They lost their dog to a product designed for dogs, following the directions on how to administer by the company. This is a trusted and reputable company. They used a reputable company's product. They were trying to HELP their pet using a product designed to do so and marketed as safe and natural!

They lost their dog. It's dead and they are heartbroken.

Cut them some slack and try really hard to imagine you are human after all.Shame on you all and shame on GNC for not speaking up on this subject....If they haven't tested this product fully, the consumer should be warned.


came in to post I am glad your dog is dead as the dog is in a better place. Sounds like the owner is a complete 'tard. should be in jail for murdering your dog you POS.

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #765451

Im sorry but this one is on you. A pet owner should NEVER treat their animal with any type of medication especially over the counter stuff without first consulting the animals vet. But either way im very sorry for your loss.

to fckbigbusiness #765453

My vet said they were fine. Sorry you don't get to just be a mean ***

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