I always shop in the GNCs around NJ between Menlo Park, Parsippany, Caldwell, Wilowbrook.I used to think the company was helpful and insightful, but now I am constantly harassed to buy supplements that A don't work, B.

don't want or even ask for, C. Find way too expensive, D. I don't even get treated nicely. There was a day I shopped and one of the "professional sales associates" was completely uninterested in helping me but constantly kept pushing "the best product" that was on the market for a protein shake, which obviously was just for his commission.

I bought a few things including his recommendation which I clearly asked about the return policy on and saw it on the receipt, 30 days with the receipt, I tried the protein shake and thought it was gross let alone found out the product has toxic traces in it, so I called customer service to ask what to do to return and so I did return with ID and the product and receipt later that week. Of course for some reason I was denied the ability to return it and asked to speak to the Mgr who then he argued that they don't return at that store I need to go else where??? So I ask for his supervisors name who's name was Mike B. someone who watches over the NJ market.

This gentleman was completely rude, treated me like I am incompetent, told me if I didn't want the product I should've never got it. I explained I didn't want it but was manipulated into it cause it was on such a good deal...

Blah blah blah, I told Moke I just want to exchange it for a different protein shake from a more achieving company like Muscletech and I was then hung-up on...Please inform me if you have ever had these experiences, I just think GNC went down hill over the past 3 years since I have been shopping there, and PS the multis don't ever do anything but repeat on me and give me chest pains.


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Some stores are franchises, some Corporate-owned, so in some cases I can see why a store wouldn't want to do a refund if it wasn't bought there...BUT, if you have the receipt and return within the 30 days, I can't understand why they wouldn't do the return/refund.


I recently went in to GNC in Livingston mall and the kid wouldn't take back my return and I hadn't even opened the product yet, I asked to speak to manager and he told me he was the manager. I called customer service and got the run around with Them and they told me I needed my reciet with in 30 days and to have identification, so why why if I accommodated couldn't I return my product cause they are commission based and didn't want to lose the money I assume. Also I don't understand why half the time I buy something from gnc I always have to ask for my receit otherwise I never get it.

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