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I entered GNC at International Mall in Miami on 11/5/11 only to be treated like I was bothering the two employees working there. It was like 8:35 pm, they close at 9:00, I guess they were in a hurry to leave.

I was at the register ready to pay at 8:45 pm and they wouldn't take care of me. I waited, one was closing the register and the other one was somewhere in the back room. Finally, I got tired of waiting and asked if someone was going to take of me?

Still no service. I got upset and left, leaving my things at the counter, letting them know that I was going to file a complaint!

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #772447

I used to work for gnc. I recommend go to vitamin shoppe any day.

They will actually help you. And no they will not try to push items on you that you don't need.

Besides the gnc brand has 700% mark up. You are getting *** quality products for an arm and a leg

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #734491
:eek I am a GNC employee. I'm also a nursing student.

I don't push certain items. Any items. I ask the customer how I can help and I show them what their options are. The sales happen if they happen, but my day isn't consumed by trying to rack up commission.

The commission is small enough anyway that it's dumb to try to push. The products sell themselves. And we carry great products. I take plenty of them, so I know.

Sounds like a bunch of disgruntled employees on this site who list SIGHT of their purpose with the company.

We are here to help educate and inform.

GNC employee for 6 month and Nursing student :grin
to ali #865014

You being a nursing student is relevant how? Are you throwing that out there because you feel it somehow makes you qualified to dispense medical advice?

Do you not realize the amount of trouble you can get into with the FDA?

You sound like a "dangerous" employee to have around, due to the potential lawsuits you are exposing the owners' to.

By the way, what does "list SIGHT" mean?

Is that suppose to be some sort of medical term? LMFAO!


rhino6, YOU have got to be kidding! It is a store.

The customer should be greetED not greetING! The sales reps should OFFER help, especially when they see a customer waiting to PAY, even if it is only for a granola bar! The only reason to not accept the money is if the other stories are true and someone wants to avoid pulling their sales numbers down.

You'll never know what that customer would have purchased, maybe even next visit. Repeat business matters!


What a momo.. if u want respect..

why dont u walk in, greet them and ask flr some help.. they probably saw u walk in all quiet, stay to yourself.. and then want to buy two cheap items.. id bet they both thought to themselves..

wow, what a creep!

Awkwardness is going to get u nowhere in todays world.. please next time dont be the silent customer shoppin around in an already silent environment at closing

to rhino6 #865016

You are a good example of someone who was dropped on their head as a baby.

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