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Just to let everybody know be very careful what you purchase after October in any GNC store. It was in October that GNC decided to eliminate its private truck fleet and drivers (and yes I was one of those drivers that lost my job).

Deliveries are now being made to the stores by third parties. The problem is that when GNC had its own trucks the products were in a temperature controlled environment from departure at the warehouse to delivery at the store.

They are now being transported on non temperature contolled trucks which can result in serious damage to the products and very adverse effects for consumers. SO BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU BUY AND HOW YOU USE IT.

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My husband was a driver for gnc until 2 years ago. They accused him of stealing from the company (after 15 years of being one of their best employees).

No warning, no inquisition, just fired him. I hope the company goes bankrupt for how they are treating all their drivers!


I was one of the drivers laid off also, for a company as big as they are they really showed they can care less about their employees we really had no notice of this happining other than rumors that management kept telling us wasn't true. As far as store deliveries expect damage and shorts because these third party company's don't pay the drivers well so it would very tempting to steal product especially on boxes with a red sticker the store wouldn't find the missing until the driver is long gone,as company drivers we cared about our jobs and doing it right and treating the store employees good but as we found out upper management could care less about this all they care about is their fat bonus check they will get by cutting workers. As far as products in temperature controlled trucks again they could care less just as long as people continue to buy their very overpriced products.

Miami, Florida, United States #759951

I am a GNC sales associate (although currently on a job search because GNC goes against my morals) and I have to say, I am not surprised.

Many vitamins are sensitive to heat and will lose their potency, such as vitamin C. I live in south Florida where it is still 80 degrees here, so I'm sure many products will be affected by trucks without AC.

There have been budget cuts everywhere in the company, and the prices in the store go up every month and rarely get lower.

Also, there was a memo recently released that upper management would not be footing the bill for necessary supplies, such as pens, white out, envelopes, etc. Managers, who are paid a few dollars above minimum wage, will have to pay from their own pockets.

This company makes me sick. Not only in how they take advantage of their customers, but how they take advantage and degrade their employees. A company that sells HEALTH products should not be this way.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #759069

I currently am a gnc sales associate employee and have heard about this. The old truck drivers were very friendly, nice, and always arranged the boxes how the associates asked them to.

They told me that GNC company was laying off gnc truck drivers because the gnc ceos wanted to cut down on cost, so the head ceo would receive a huge bonus check( like 5 million and up). I feel terrible for the truck drivers who lost their jobs because of this greedy reason. I am not surprised though, because most big corporations are like this. The gnc truckers informed me that once the new third party truckers come in to always double check the shipment, because most likely the stores will be missing boxes and will mess up our inventory.

I kept that in mind and realised they were right, the new truckers seem shady and are rushed to do there job. With haste makes waste.. They drop the boxes on the floor (I have noticied that we have had to known loss more products because of damage due to the shippment process) and now reading this I'm not surprised that their trucks are not in a temp controlled environment. Gnc wants to cut on costs, but the quality of the 3rd party truckers is not the same as the old gnc.

Its a waste of time and money for the Gnc company having to back track boxes that have been missing and known losses products that have been damaged. This goes to show you, that changing what was working orginally only for greedy purposes, isnt the best alternative and cost affective methond in the long run.

Emory, Texas, United States #741590

Yes, & they are more expensive than some places that you can order on line. One lady in there is very rude, just like all the idiots in Sulphur Springs.

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