i went to GNC and buying 6 bottles of lean shakes ($2.99 ) each a bottle, that manger in cashier said $ 30. dollars.

that s way rip off. a manger was a so rude to me, so i walked out. i will never go back that crook manger again. dont trust them !

just stay away from them.if you want to go there, just watch for that crook manger and them too. i have been there for last few weeks and there were no problem till now.

i was big shock when he said that about prices. he is a crook .

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Wooster, Ohio, United States #1056732

The place is a joke. You're there to support health products.

When I was there a customer was talking about probiotics and how the brand they were taking wasn't working anymore. They of course told them about the most expensive one. Since I overheard this I mentioned plexus has a probiotic I've taken for a year and that I have ibs and it's worked great for me and then told the customer if ( yes I said if) this one doesn't work for you it would be worth looking into. I don't personally sell the stuff I just have an employee who does and it's worked.

The lady with glasses who can't shut up proceeds to tell me they aren't allowed to talk about products outside of the store because the manager would yell at them and if he was here he probably would have yelled at me. I kept my calm got my products and left. If that's how the employees and manager are going to act they can honestly kiss my ***.

I'll never go back to that place again. The *** is cheaper online anyway!


well to be honest it might help if you were literate and spoke English properly. Have you ever thought that maybe you were the problem and the world isn't out to get you?


No surprise! If they don't sell 37% P-3, military wannabe ron will fire them


eek when i bought 6 bottles of lean shakes (2,99) each in every each a week for last 3 weeks and now prices went up to 4.99 d

when i bought 6 bottles of lean shakes for 18 dollars plus tax and now the prices went up to 30. dollars. was in $2.99 and now in $4,99. all they care about the money ' that made me sick. i will never go to that crook place again.

:? :? :roll

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