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GNC has turned into a money hungry company who's sole purpose is to rip everyone off. They don't care what your needs are, they only want you to buy a vitapak to raise their percentages.The employees are all turning into robots because they are threatened every day to make their goals or else.

The stores in Hawaii are getting worse because since Vitamin Shoppe opened up, many of their stores are turning into ghost towns.Many faithful employees of GNC are getting fired or forced out because they can't afford to pay them their salaries that they took so long to build. I hope they go bankrupt so a good company like Vitamin Shoppe can show the people of Hawaii the meaning of Aloha.

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They sell a probiotic (Renew Life) that specifically states that it should be refrigerated. I called and pointed it out to the representative MONTHS ago and she said she would get the wheels moving on getting it off the shelf into the refrigerated section.

It is STILL on the shelf. BEWARE!


vitapaks are great products for people who use several supplements....have some fun with the sales people, they just want to make a decent wage while helping their clients

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